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I agrued with you on AIM (nm)
Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:37pm

  • I am dismayed.Zeo, Mon Sep 20 9:55pm
    Not only has no one bothered to post but Demios didn't even bother to refute or argue with me here on the Bar. Truly I am a sad, sad, Zeo. People. We need to post.
    • I agrued with you on AIM (nm) — Demios, Tue Sep 21 12:37pm
      • I don't remember any agrue-ing...Zeo, Tue Sep 21 11:07pm
        It sounds sticky. That's something I would remember. And if it doesn't happen on the board it doesn't count! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!
        • It was probably the roofie then...Demios, Wed Sep 22 1:25am
          I guess I get why you might forget.
          • Roofies!? Zeo, Wed Sep 22 11:09pm
            I always thought they should be called floories. I mean... That's where you end up.
    • That we doLock-Os, Tue Sep 21 12:20am
      Just need to shake off my family and the more or less never ending cries for help.
    • ...really?doomwalker, Mon Sep 20 11:37pm
      I did and no one has said anything to me or about my new character sheet not even you.
      • Mmmmmmm yes I did...Zeo, Tue Sep 21 12:18pm
        Check out my post labeled "So I did!". It is chock full of reviewing delight!
        • Sad Facedoomwalker, Tue Sep 21 11:52pm
          I saw that, redid it then posted a new one. That way it would fit and be a little more usable, and that's the one I'm waiting on someone to comment on. Check under Okay redone and modified
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