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I see that the site is still not up.
Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:17am

I see that the site is still not up. Who should I blame for that? We have occasional people who want to come in and join our esteemed college and they can't even submit characters for the all power GMs to ignore. Who shall I blame? Why is there no website up when it's been MONTHS and all of the material was already written? We got jolted out of our complacency when Geocities finally closed and good riddance to them, but c'mon people, get the goddamned site up.

    • Not a functional site, you say?Demios, Tue Oct 19 3:16am
      There needs to be a functioning GM first.
      • After all I've done for you?!?Kail, Thu Oct 21 1:38am
        Demios, when your wife left you who's couch did you crash on? Who talked you off that ledge after you got smashed on Southern Comfort? And this is how you pay me back?!?
        • Times changeDemios, Thu Oct 21 6:15am
          Life goes on and sometimes, you gotta call 'em like you see 'em. But we'll always have Dallas and that one bottle of Jack...
      • Why? Is Kail the one updating the site? LJB, Tue Oct 19 10:02am
        I could've sworn someone else had access to it and was working on things.
        • becauseKail, Thu Oct 21 1:44am
          At the time there was no one else willing to work on the site. Besides, what's up right now ( was only supposed to be a placeholder. The real new site was going to go up... more
        • Kail owns the siteDemios, Tue Oct 19 9:17pm
          So before I can make changes to it, I need his permission. And his password, because I've forgotten to be honest.
          • Wnat his e-mail address?LJB, Wed Oct 20 12:34am
            Because I can help facilitate that.
            • Well done old chap!Zeo, Wed Oct 20 11:21am
              That's the way Bobjob! Get that sloth-ish Demios rolling again! Whip him into a fervor of frenzied frolicking (not to be confused with fro-licking) then smash his nose to the grindstone! I'll be over ... more
              • statsKail, Thu Oct 21 1:46am
                heya Zeo, Bob-Job said you weren't able to approve stats. I thought that as AGM you'd been given that authority. Am I wrong? Is Bobbo wrong? Is it the work of crab people? Do tell.
                • Well...Zeo, Thu Oct 21 11:11am
                  I honestly didn't know the breadth and depth of my sinister powers. As such I didn't want to step on any toes. Now that I know... Well. I'll take care of it.
              • Glad you approve Zeo.LJB, Wed Oct 20 12:08pm
                Now shut your goddamn pie hole and start working on bringing this mission to a close. Deimos, Kail said he was waiting on you. You say you're waiting on him. Let's start communicating and move... more
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