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Awww, look at this.
Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:05pm

It's like we're making real progress. How about a group hug? I promise not to grab any asses this time around.

  • Well...Zeo, Thu Oct 21 11:11am
    I honestly didn't know the breadth and depth of my sinister powers. As such I didn't want to step on any toes. Now that I know... Well. I'll take care of it.
    • Awww, look at this. — LJB, Thu Oct 21 3:05pm
      • What's the point then? (nm)Zeo, Thu Oct 21 3:09pm
        • Look it's a bunch of review stuff!Zeo, Thu Oct 21 5:39pm
          Given that at least two people have asked for reviews and I'm feeling mighty lazy (shocker I know) I've decided to combine it all into one fantastic SUPER REVIEW! I'm not sure why the involved... more
          • And this hurt like a to read, so I guess it's working. I really appreciate you doing this, and I'm starting to understand real writing technique through it. And how I've utterly failed to ... more
          • Review stuff the SEQUEL!Zeo, Thu Oct 21 5:48pm
            Demios, my friend, I don't know what you want me to say. You know I'm a fan of your stuff if only for the fact that there is always a base-line level of quality you rarely dip below. Your technical... more
            • A trilogy?Demios, Thu Oct 21 11:02pm
              Most of that is fair. I will say though... The technical fight scenes are written the way they are because I have a lot of fun writing them that way. You're absolutely right that I could spend more... more
              • Fair enough!Zeo, Thu Oct 21 11:16pm
                I knew you'd be the one to critique my critiquing! And I gotta be honest the whole eyes thing was a complete spur of the moment thing that right after I wrote it I read it and it sent a little shiver ... more
            • Do me next. (nm)LJB, Thu Oct 21 6:32pm
              • Bob you haven't written anything in...Zeo, Thu Oct 21 6:47pm
                What... 3 maybe 6 months? Besides I'm not sure I'm egotistical enough for all that. It'd be like the shrub critiquing the redwood.
                • *smirks*LJB, Thu Oct 21 6:58pm
                  See, I knew you wouldn't.
                  • So it's a CHALLENGE?Zeo, Thu Oct 21 7:22pm
                    Well then. Have at thee sir and let slip the dogs of war! But you must return the favor eh!? And now I have to go dig up something you've written from the dusty and cobwebbed recesses of the site.... more
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