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Quite good, but wrong
Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:08am

You see my original concept of Doomwalker was never based upon said World of Warcraft character simply because I have never played it. This idea came to me in my Logic and reasoning class. As I sat there pondering I had already created the concept of Doomwalker several years back(so maybe we have met I don't know), but I was trying to tweak him to fit a mercenary assassin as I wanted him to be.

No other class would fit the original design and setup of my creation. He was originally meant to simply exist not for good or evil. But to hate both equally and slowly seek out and kill them until it was only he that remained. He was meant to be a power house bent upon destruction. But that wouldn't fit to well with the rest of the cast so I decided to come up with the stealth model.

I came up with the "stealth" model from nothing more than the original design of skull man. Whose body was sleek and slender. He had no other weapons other than his bone shield. I decided to ditch the shield and replace it with daggers one to give him a weapon and two for shits and giggles.

Alas whether or not you are impressed still remains to be seen. Despite the accidental similarities I assure you he will most definitely make an interesting addition to this board.

  • The Walker of DoomLJB, Sat Oct 16 7:20pm
    I have been creeping the board as I am want to do before re-entering hibernation for the next terrible time I walk this miserable existence, and my dread gaze fell upon the name Doomwalker. A walker... more
    • Quite good, but wrong — doomwalker, Sun Oct 24 3:08am
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