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Three Things.
Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:22pm

1. Good on ya for finally taking the initiative to do a little practice-posting.

2. Did you get my emails concerning your submission?

3. If there were any more grinning, smirking, and just generally smiling in the four paragraphs you have written then every other word WOULD BE grinning or smirking.

And on that point, how does Doomwalker do any of that when he doesn't even HAVE lips? Isn't his face a skull?

  • It's going to be a long daydoomwalker, Sun Oct 24 3:34am
    Dust blew across the arid wasteland that stretched before him. He checked his scanner for even the slightest glint of life within a five mile radius, but nothing was showing up. " Well shit"... more
    • Three Things. — Zeo, Sun Oct 24 12:22pm
      • uhm..doomwalker, Sun Oct 24 7:47pm
        answer to number 2 no okay I get the smirking thing I'll work on it and his skull has been fractured around the jaw so he can at least look like he has facial expressions.
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