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Mon Nov 1, 2010 12:21am

Well good luck amigo!

Take care and watch out for Hadji!

  • My apologies...Luccian, Sun Oct 31 2:43pm
    Sorry I showed up and disappeared, but I was really busy and will continue to be so. You see my military reserve unit has decided to send out yet another platoon to afghanistan and I am one of the... more
    • Good luckDemios, Mon Nov 1 12:06pm
      Stay safe!
      • HIJACK: Congratulations!Demios, Mon Nov 1 12:07pm
        Congratulations are in order for Zeo, Kaze and myself as the only folks who bothered to post in October. The rest of you fu ckers are lame.
    • Yeesh... — Zeo, Mon Nov 1 12:21am
      • YoCake, Wed Dec 15 5:07pm
        You guys still mad?
        • Yes.LJB, Wed Dec 15 6:58pm
          No ... off.
          • Grr.LJB, Wed Dec 15 7:00pm
            It was supposed to read "Now D-U-C-K off" but the profanity filters are still here. So, instead how about this? Go away.
            • YeahCake, Wed Dec 15 7:19pm
              I figured, this is just how I get my kicks now. Look, I was 12, and I admit, I was kind of an ass. But is this level of hatred necessary? It's been two years Bob, and you're a grown man. I'm not... more
              • Goody! Demios, Thu Dec 16 9:03am
                Cake, stick around for a while and be an ass. Maybe people will show back up and start posting again! On a side note, stop being a pussy and stop caring what other people think, Cake. It will make... more
                • Two years? Quit lying. (nm)LJB, Thu Dec 16 10:34am
                  • It was March you retard. LJB, Thu Dec 16 11:04am
                    I know because your posts are still on the f*cking page. So, not only are you a sh*tty writer, but you're also trying to lie to me. Go. The. F*ck. Away.
                    • HmmCake, Fri Dec 17 6:17pm
                      Not trying to lie. I'm fairly certain I was twelve at the time, and I know I'm almost fourteen now. Point taken, Demios. But again, this is how I get my kicks. I liked your response, it was funny.... more
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