Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:17pm

Not trying to lie. I'm fairly certain I was twelve at the time, and I know I'm almost fourteen now.

Point taken, Demios. But again, this is how I get my kicks. I liked your response, it was funny.

Alright, I'm off, see you in a few more months, FR. Do with this post what you will.

  • It was March you retard. LJB, Thu Dec 16 11:04am
    I know because your posts are still on the f*cking page. So, not only are you a sh*tty writer, but you're also trying to lie to me. Go. The. F*ck. Away.
    • Hmm — Cake, Fri Dec 17 6:17pm
      • Deuces Bra!Zeo, Sat Dec 18 2:58am
        If you are still hanging around, I just GOTTA ask. Do you still think King Cake was an honest to God interesting and cool character? Are you actually a super-troll sent here to Rick Roll right up our ... more
        • Q & ACake, Sat Dec 18 11:03am
          I'm really ashamed of King Cake, he was terrible. But 12-year-old me didn't know that. I like to use old versions of characters in later stories, so I variated him into "Cake Kinion" but I'm still... more
          • Re: Q & ASorn, Sat Dec 18 9:46pm
            If you're trying to make yourself look like a lonely, obsessive creep, then good job. If not, then might I suggest you move the fu ck on with your life? -- Someone who isn't even a member of this... more
            • Mmk, Bob (nm)Cake, Sun Dec 19 4:50pm
              • That wasn't me at all.LJB, Mon Dec 20 10:19am
                But I approve of his message. And this one.
                • Huh.Zeo, Mon Dec 20 2:14pm
                  For the lulz!? Oh GOD! I knew it! You WERE a troll deluxe! Ha-HA just kidding. Honestly Cake, it wasn't your mediocre role playing ability that got everyone to boot you. Few people here just ambled... more
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