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Not on my watch.
Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:53pm

11:59 by my clock, still.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

    • So...Demios, Wed Jan 26 12:48pm
      Y'all dead?
      • Kind of.Kaze, Sat Jan 29 2:32pm
        My net's been in and out like a beast recently.
    • And a Happy New Year! (nm)Demios, Sat Jan 1 4:29am
    • Quite right.Kail, Sun Dec 26 8:10am
      Merry Christmas, Kaze. May your tribe increase. I too wished everybody a merry Christmas yesterday, but on the RP Board.
      • So....Zeo, Thu Dec 30 1:53am
        Anyone got any interest in actually going the rest of the way through the current mission or should we just knock the center-pole out of this sagging tent and get something else going? Given that... more
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