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I'm no better.
Sat Apr 9, 2011 2:16pm

I haven't written a full CD in years. Hard to think I've been writing for these games since 1996. I say writing like it's still occurring. I haven't written anything serious since 2007.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Something that you've completed and you're proud of. I'll review that.

  • Oh snap!Zeo, Sat Apr 9 3:13am
    Well played sir. Well played indeed! Yeah, I think that's a review right there. My output is a bit spotty at the best of times and I rarely manage to finish any of my CDs....
    • I'm no better. — LJB, Sat Apr 9 2:16pm
      • Actually....Zeo, Sun Apr 10 2:32am
        If you go back to the mission where Damien returned and the mutant fast food guys attacked? I'm pretty pleased with how I wrote in that one. I know it's a mission and thus not as keen as a CD but... more
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