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I'm not really sure what to make of this.
Thu Jun 2, 2011 10:03pm

I assume it's an in-character request for in-character employment. You should know that that's not really what we do here, but your willingness to ask what you're supposed to be doing is a marked improvement over our last newbie fodder.

As for what you're supposed to be doing, I'm not really sure. Our character creation page went down when Geocities bit it, and none of the mods ever got around to putting it up elsewhere. Make enough noise and they might notice, though.

  • looking for a jobTHE DRAGON, Wed Jun 1 12:14pm
    I am currently out of clients and in need of some action any help or direction will be appreciated.
    • I'm not really sure what to make of this. — Kaze, Thu Jun 2 10:03pm
      • rely to KazeThe Dragon, Fri Jun 3 8:01am
        Your assumption was/is off the mark. I'm not looking for employment so to speak,I work well as a team member,though I am self-employed. I am looking for a job or two.
        • Then you're in the wrong location.LJB, Fri Jun 3 2:40pm
          Why don't you check out an employment website? This is a gaming board. We don't hire people to do work for us, seeing that we all do this for free. Thanks for your interest, but we're not buying.
          • ThanksThe Dragon, Fri Jun 3 2:55pm
            Thank-you LJB for your response, I will not take up anymore of you gentlemans time.
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