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Something completely different
Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:42pm

what's up everyone? I've been stalking this group for a while and have decided it's time for me to join in the fun. What happened to the rules and character creation? I was totally gonna get in here and destroy some shit. If mods still exist and people still RP, or even if they don't, shoot me an email. I'm serious.

  • Intrestin'...Demios, Mon Jun 13 4:02pm
    As an intro it's good. Though, I'd have to see it set on the comic pages. Seems a bit wordy for most comic fare. Not entirely sure what you want us to rip on. I think the spelling of Lucifer is... more
    • Something completely different — Foxxy, Sat Jul 30 10:42pm
      • Oops I derpedFoxxy, Sat Jul 30 11:19pm
        through some skillful googling, I found what I need. i hope to see you all soon.
        • And now we play the waiting gameFoxxy, Mon Aug 1 10:51pm
          I fished up the rules for character creation and managed to make me a character that I will thoroughly enjoy roleplaying as. However, there's no way for me to submit a sheet and it's against the... more
          • Post it here.Zeo, Wed Aug 3 2:31am
            At the very least it'll get a once-over. Gotta say though. Doesn't look like many are post in much of anything anymore.
            • Oi!Demios, Fri Aug 5 3:32pm
              I sent you an email, Zeo. You never responded! D: What email do you read nowadays? 'Cause heaven help me if I ever notice you on AIM or the like.
              • Stupid QuestionLock-Os, Wed Aug 10 5:54am
                But is anybody on AIM anymore, let alone alive on this earth? Axel and Kail are off in the real world. Kail most likely filming the next big indie film. But Zeo? I only seen him on for a few days... more
            • Here you go.Foxxy, Wed Aug 3 11:12am
              Cecilia Fox Ranger-Interceptor Romantic, Optimist, Defender Daredevil -15000 Weaving through crowds, leaping off of buildings and dodging attacks are all second nature to Cecilia when the situation... more
              • Paragraphs are your friends...Demios, Thu Aug 4 8:51am
                Reformatted because I couldn't be bothered to read a wall of text... Cecilia Fox Ranger-Interceptor Romantic, Optimist, Defender Daredevil -15000 Weaving through crowds, leaping off of buildings and... more
                • OpinionsDemios, Thu Aug 4 9:01am
                  Kind of meh about her. You seemingly took a whole bunch of random advantages and disadvantages that you didn't explain in her back story very well. She sounds bi-polar. "Determination", "Obstinate"... more
                  • CoolFoxxy, Thu Aug 4 4:00pm
                    I wrote everything out in microsoft word and assumed the paragraphs would carry over. Guess they didn't. You seem to have a good grasp of how I plan to play this character. Instead of min-maxing and... more
                    • NiftyDemios, Fri Aug 5 3:21pm
                      Here's to hoping your "experience" holds up. Considering I've done 50% of the posting this year, I'd be down for doing some posting before you disappear into the ether like everyone else. Anyone else ... more
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