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Paragraphs are your friends...
Thu Aug 4, 2011 8:51am

Reformatted because I couldn't be bothered to read a wall of text...

Cecilia Fox
Romantic, Optimist, Defender

Daredevil -15000
Weaving through crowds, leaping off of buildings and dodging attacks are all second nature to Cecilia when the situation calls for it.

Determination -20000
When Cecilia sets her mind on something, nothing can discourage her. Every situation can be overcome as long as she believes in her cause.

Intuition -20000
A sixth sense guides her movements and keeps her from getting caught in unfavorable situations

Acute senses -30000
With significant upgrades to her hearing and her sense of touch, she can sense movements from as far as 100 feet away.

Lightning reflexes -15000
Cecilia is not only capable of committing brave acts, she’s capable of doing them well. She’s flexible, light on her feet, and (for lack of a better term) pretty damn fast.

Total: -100,000

Elemental Vulnerability +30000
Cecilia is burdened with the fact that her legs are her most important asset. Ice is particularly troublesome, because the structure of said legs is quick to freeze. Stupid liquid cooling systems.

Hatred +20000
Cecilia is absolutely intolerant to child abuse. If she gets word of it, she’ll do something about it.

Absentminded +25000
Cecilia can be scatterbrained at times, and finds herself forgetting all sorts of things. She’s bad with names, dates, addresses, and has a hard time keeping up with long lists of tasks. This means that over the course of a mission, it’s likely that she’ll forget a waypoint or two. Or four.

Accident prone +25000
Cecilia is clumsy. So clumsy, in fact, that some of her more complicated maneuvers can end up hurting her.

Malfunction +25000
Lauren’s buster is not in the greatest condition. It was rigged up last minute and installed incorrectly. Due to this, it misfires every 5 or so shots and can’t charge past the first [green] level. Additionally, her basic shots do less damage than normal.

Weakness +30000
Cecilia has little physical arm strength. She can lift only a fraction of what a well-equipped reploid of her same class can. Fortunately, she has formidable leg strength. Not all is lost for Cecilia.

Phobia +25000
Cecilia is burdened with a fear of heights.

Obstinate +20000
Cecilia’s determination is intense. So intense that it can cause her to ignore everything in order to carry out her will.

Absolute lack of confidence +25000
Confidence is not something Cecilia comes by very easily. Unless she takes incredible interest in something, she wouldn’t be able to act with certainty.

Total: +225,000


Mark II Buster: “Shooting Star”
As mentioned earlier, this arm cannon is defective. It can’t be charged past [green] level, the basic shots it fires are weaker than average, but it is incredibly accurate and stable. It’s rate of fire is impressive.

Revolver Knuckle -10000
2 steel disks spin in opposite directions on a user's gauntlet, allowing the user to punch with increased effectiveness and power. Cecilia’s only close ranged implement and calling card.

Field generator -15000
Shrapnel and stray projectiles can be deflected by a weak field that surrounds Cecilia. A direct attack, projectile and otherwise, will not be affected by this field.

Emergency acceleration system -15000
Much like Megaman X, Cecilia has jetlike transportation. Her leg armor is equipped with an air compression system that can give her short bursts of high speed. It can’t move her in midair, but it can be used along the ground and off of walls. Unlike X, she must wait for her system to recharge, though her dash function has a longer duration.

Core Stasis Unit -15000
Cecilia's core is protected by a casing that sends her into hibernation in the event of a total system failure. This unit will shut down all but the most basic vital functions so that a search party can recover her and she can [ideally] be repaired. Allows for a week of hibernation.

Buster Overcharge Wave -15000
While her buster is defective, it allows for an interesting glitch to be exploited. The safety switches that normally prevent Cecilia from charging past level 1 can be bypassed by overcharging the unit to critical levels. This allows for a concentrated beam of [blue] energy to be fired and hopefully leave an opening against a heavily armored foe. Unfortunately, this glitch causes the unit to shut down while the system cools.

Knuckle Impact -15000
Cecilia's Revolver Knuckle can be charged with plasma in order to deliver a devastating melee blow. Usually used when Cecilia's cornered or when she needs to blow past a barrier.

Hyper Beat -30000
This interestingly named ability is the system that allows her to move faster than reploids in her class. It sacrifices arm strength and prioritizes leg systems for power diversion. It makes her jump higher, run faster, and sprint like a cheetah. Without this system, she would be at the mercy of even the lowest of mechanoloids.

Cecilia Fox's existence spans 3 dimensions with a combined lifespan of 58 years.

In one reality, she was a 19 year old ability user in love with the leader of a group created to shelter and protect surviving humans amidst a zombie apocalypse. In the other universe, she was a hardened veteran who gave her life to the man she loved. In the reality she lives in now, she's a 20 year old Reploid created from the wish of said man, though the man lives in the dimension in which she is already dead.

She is unaware of the circumstances of her precarious existence. She has no recollection of the battles she fought alongside her lover, or the trip across world lines that resulted in her dying to protect that man, or even that the man still lives thanks to her. She only knows inexplicable warmth in her heart that results from a romance that transcends time and space.

She was formerly employed by Spark Mandril's electric company. She enjoyed her job very much. She lost her job for obvious reasons, and no longer has anywhere to go. She was hastily made battle-ready and she set out alone to help those in need. This didn’t go well. Cecilia’s lack of confidence and naiveté led to many hardships along the way. She couldn’t help anyone alone.

That’s when she heard of the Freelance Reploids, a mercenary group that did anything for money. She mulled it over. She had no place to stay, no means for sustenance, and absolutely no reason to want to help anyone. She decided it was in her best interest to forget about trying to help anyone but herself.

She comes to the Freelance Reploids with a request. "I can't do much, but I can fight. Give me a reason to fight, and I'll take care of the rest. I’m not picky, I just need a means to live."

(This will be further explained through flashbacks and character development.)

Cecilia is very organized and at times very polite. Always kind and compassionate, she works very well in a team. She's always on the lookout for things to add meaning to her life, and can lose herself for weeks in a new cause, book, or even another person. "Looks can be deceiving" applies very well to Cecilia. She lacks confidence, she speaks softly, she jumps at the slightest noise, but when the going gets tough, she gets tougher. Her unwavering, iron will makes for a fearsome warrior that delivers swift blows from all angles. She’s but a red streak on the battlefield, fast and deadly.

Cecilia's armor is Black with yellow accents and a form fitting grey body suit underneath. She is Blond, her hair is long, down to her waist, and has it in princess curls a la Kasane Teto or Tomoe Mami. She wears a metallic hair band that connects her 2 earpieces, coupled with long, metal antennae that somewhat resemble rabbit ears.

  • Here you go.Foxxy, Wed Aug 3 11:12am
    Cecilia Fox Ranger-Interceptor Romantic, Optimist, Defender Daredevil -15000 Weaving through crowds, leaping off of buildings and dodging attacks are all second nature to Cecilia when the situation... more
    • Paragraphs are your friends... — Demios, Thu Aug 4 8:51am
      • OpinionsDemios, Thu Aug 4 9:01am
        Kind of meh about her. You seemingly took a whole bunch of random advantages and disadvantages that you didn't explain in her back story very well. She sounds bi-polar. "Determination", "Obstinate"... more
        • CoolFoxxy, Thu Aug 4 4:00pm
          I wrote everything out in microsoft word and assumed the paragraphs would carry over. Guess they didn't. You seem to have a good grasp of how I plan to play this character. Instead of min-maxing and... more
          • NiftyDemios, Fri Aug 5 3:21pm
            Here's to hoping your "experience" holds up. Considering I've done 50% of the posting this year, I'd be down for doing some posting before you disappear into the ether like everyone else. Anyone else ... more
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