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Stupid Question
Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:54am

But is anybody on AIM anymore, let alone alive on this earth? Axel and Kail are off in the real world. Kail most likely filming the next big indie film.

But Zeo? I only seen him on for a few days this past month or so. I don't even see Kaze on, and he is usually up and on.

I've been working on making a Tabletop RPG called New Horizon with a few other guys, though I do miss good old FR.

  • Oi!Demios, Fri Aug 5 3:32pm
    I sent you an email, Zeo. You never responded! D: What email do you read nowadays? 'Cause heaven help me if I ever notice you on AIM or the like.
    • Stupid Question — Lock-Os, Wed Aug 10 5:54am
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