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Very well then!
Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:06am

It shall be done!

  • Seriously, do it.Kaze, Mon Sep 19 6:57pm
    I'd be fine just retconning the past two missions, to be frank.
    • Very well then! — Zeo, Tue Sep 20 3:06am
      • Every couple weeks, huh?Demios, Mon Oct 3 10:50am
        Should be about that time! :D
        • HOW WELL YOU KNOW ME!Zeo, Wed Oct 5 4:31pm
          Yeah sorry guys, real life (which obviously hates the FR) came and twiddled my bum with its creepily large fingers. Should have the opener up later today!
          • Congratulations folks! Demios, Thu Oct 6 1:29am
            We're one post away from doubling our yearly post count in one day.
            • so...Foxxy, Fri Oct 7 1:02am
              Did anyone go over my sheet?? I'm still waiting for some sort of sign to see if I have to redo the damn thing or if I'm good to go.
              • I DID!Zeo, Fri Oct 7 9:28pm
                Just now! To be honest I have a bevy of problems with it. First off, the tri-dimensional backstory. Uh... Other than you've used this character in two different settings what's the point? It really... more
                • Speaking of which...Kaze, Sat Oct 8 11:58pm
                  Does anyone even have the CC form anymore?
                  • So...Lock, Tue Oct 11 9:25am
                    Did we drop the whole time-travel plot line from the official story?
                    • I didn't...Demios, Wed Oct 12 9:33am
                      I'm just assuming it's over and done with. Everyone got back from their timeline adventures, etc. Demios got to spend a lot of quality time as a flesh and blood human, Aurora cut her teeth, etc. I,... more
                    • Pretty much.Kaze, Wed Oct 12 1:20am
                      And it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall a dream~
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