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Painful to say....
Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:06am

But yeah. I think a lot of the power players have just sort of drifted away.

  • Yep.Hilton, Mon Aug 6 12:30am
    This poor place is in a longer drought than I've seen in a while. I stopped having time to consistently add quality activity to the boards. I'd imagine it's the same for a lot of us nowadays.
    • Painful to say.... — Zeo, Thu Aug 23 12:06am
      • The big 3 at this point, Zeo...Kaze, Wed Aug 29 2:45am
        Are you, Demios, and you. Which is fine with me, as I love you guys' writing. We just need more overall.
        • Powerplayer?Demios, Sat Sep 1 11:28am
          Just 'cause Demios is OP as ..., doesn't make me a power player. Geez.
          • No, no.Kaze, Sat Sep 1 6:05pm
            I mean in regards to consistency of posting. Going from most recent post backwards, the 14 previous posts were written by: 1)Demios 2)Lock 3)Demios 4)Zeo 5)Lock 6)Demios 7)Me 8)Zeo 9)Demios 10)Zeo... more
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