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Cat and Mouse
Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:53pm

The daylight fell through the breaks in the clouds like divine spotlights searching for the things that lurk in the darkness. Syn stopped atop a nearby hill taking in his surroundings. It had been only a few days since the game had began and despite being tired he knew he had to keep going if he wanted to survive.

He noticed a small patch of forest in the distance and decided he had given himself enough distance from his hunter that he could set some tracks and double back so leave a false trail, or find other means to turn this situation around. "[I]I think I can pull it off.. and then just maybe I can turn this around.[/I]" Syn thought to himself as he sprinted for the treeline.

Just as he had reached the edge of the tree's he heard the howl of his pursuer from the distance. He could barely see the dark spot of it across the valley but it was not far, and it had his scent.

Stainless steel and muscle pumping together the beast never slowed. Part wolf and part machine it chased its prey not having to stop and rest or eat. Thoughts lingered across its mind, memories of being alive but the transformation had stripped it of any real signs of life, other than rotting flesh and fur that clung to its body like a smelly overcoat.

It had only been minutes since Syn burst through the treeline and only a few minutes more before he stumbled upon the opportunity he was looking for. A bright smile split his lips. "[I]Looks like I won't have to back track after all..[/I]"

The monstrous wolf crashed through the treeline it's red machine led lit eyes casting a red halo around it's massive head as it paused only to continue the scent, then beginning to charge forwards. After what seemed like moments it came upon a large rock standing up several feet in the air and it began to sniff out its prey as it wound around the rock.

"[B]Bad choice Mr. Wolfe..[/B]" The sound of Syn's voice caused the hairs to raise along the wolf's spine as it looked up following the voice. Syn stood atop the boulder arms out to his sides. The light was shining on him through a break in the trees making his blonde hair and white attire gleam like a beacon of the sun itself. Unknowing to the wolf Syn had been charging himself with the power of the light the whole time he had been waiting, and the wolf had walked right into his trap.

Using his knowledge of the Arcane he used his body as a condenser and converted the absorbed light into pure electric energy thanks to his talents with the electric element. Closing his eyes and letting out a scream he pushed all of the electric energy out of his body in one huge shot, using the surrounding tree's as radio towers to direct his onslaught thanks to their conductive nature.

Several Arcs shot down from the trees, attracted to the metal of the wolf's cybernetic components causing flesh to blacken and smoke, and causing the wolf to cry out in fury as its senses short circuited momentarily. After the energy had been exhausted Syn collapsed to his knees breathing deeply, his hands bright red from where the energy had escaped his body.

Taking deep breaths he dared not look up he waited for any sound of his opponent's survival. The first of the mechanical whirs caused him to start laughing with the last of his energy, knowing he was completely spent and now his options for escape were gone. The smoking beast raised from the ground, most of its skin and fur either gone or on fire and smoking lightly, the stink even worse than before, now smelling of burn and rot.

It only took the beast a few moments to recover as it's systems rebooted. Syn tried to stand but because of being spent lost his balance and fell down the rock in front of his doom. The wolf jumped on him instantly tearing his throat out. Despite the viciousness of the attack he felt nothing.

Syn awoke suddenly in a cold sweat his eyes wide and frantically searching the room for the wolf as he sat up in his bed. "[B]... sleep..[/B]" Syn said to himself as he tried to shake off the lingering affects of sleep and fear, realizing he had fallen asleep while studying some of his books on electric properties of the arcanic journal. He quickly rolled out of bed and picked up his tutor, and wasting no time took two lines of Pixie to snap himself out of it.

Popping up with a nimble bounce he bound out of his room, an attempt to find some books about wild beasts and cybernetic organisms so maybe he could better defend himself in his next nightmare.

OOC sorry for the poor read and shortness of post, running out of time to really take care of it. I'll post a better follow up from home tonight hopefully.

  • Is this thing on?Syn, Tue Dec 18 3:13pm
    I would like to submit a character but it appears that the submission link is broken. Some nonsense about geocities being down. Anyways it appears that this board has hit a nearly complete stop, but... more
    • Cat and Mouse — Syn, Wed Dec 19 4:53pm
      • Rolling ThunderSyn, Sun Dec 23 3:18pm
        With the technological advances of the twenty-first century most books had been moved to a digital media though that did little to stop Syn from collecting what he could. He preferred the experience... more
      • Hmm.. | oocSyn, Wed Dec 19 5:23pm
        Seems my html is as bad as my writing.
        • If I may...Sorn, Thu Dec 27 11:43am
          I don't actually play this game, I just know a couple of people who used to, and so I tend to lurk around the boards. Every once in a while, I even throw in my two cents -- like now, for example.... more
          • Thanks.Syn, Sun Dec 30 11:07am
            I appreciate the information. I read somewhere that it is ok to post on this board before stat approval to get practice in and to become associated with the player base, but it also reinforced the... more
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              • Character SheetSyn, Thu Jan 10 5:30pm
                Feel free to ask questions or point out flaws. Name: Syn Species:Human Age:15 Class: Intellect - Intellects are thinkers, not fighters. They aren't as strong, fast or agile as the other classes, but... more
                • One thing really stands out.Zeo, Thu Jan 24 9:47pm
                  I'm not sure how I feel about the light absorption. The fire is fine but light? I mean, he'd never run out of power EVER. Unless he were captured in a pure black room with literally no light... more
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