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Rolling Thunder
Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:18pm

With the technological advances of the twenty-first century most books had been moved to a digital media though that did little to stop Syn from collecting what he could. He preferred the experience of books to computers and databases. There was just something about the feel of paper and smell of old that books held, and there was a certain life that they seemed to hold onto. Syn had managed to build up quite an advanced collection of books and had been granted a small out-of-the-way room that had once been used for storage, with a condition that he was to maintain a category and library the books to whomever requested although he found that not many of the Freelance Mercenaries had time to check any out. He had not been with them very long and did not really know any faces or names yet and wondered if most of them even knew of the library he had opened.

Inside of the room there was enough room for his desk and a desk with a catalog computer. There were also several modular shelving units that he had converted to bookshelves with help from a mechanic who had grumbled about mundane tasks the entire time and smelled of whiskey and motor oil. Syn shuddered to himself as he remembered how the smell had filled the room. Fortunately the smell had not been absorbed by the books and had been properly fumigated with the ventilation system after just a few days. Syn sat at his desk reading his currently favorite book titled Electric Properties for the Arcane Inspired. He was occupying himself on the particular subject of Electromagnetism and the ways to control electromagnetic induction.

Syn idly practiced calling his power in small controlled bursts from his finger tips to a small device that made an ambient sound and lit up depending on the current and voltage. He only stopped long enough to run his fingers into a little bag tucked away in his attire and took a pinch of Pixie a small white powder with large addiction issues. He closed his eyes and leaned back as he felt its magic working its way through his blood barrier, his pupils dilating to large discs as he closed his book and allowed himself a moment to bathe in the light and sounds of the world around him. The lights seemed to get brighter and time slowed as he continued to meditate in it.

-- OOC

Feeling a bit uninspired currently. Will try to get something going a bit better after the holidays. Maybe during.

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    • Rolling Thunder — Syn, Sun Dec 23 3:18pm
    • Hmm.. | oocSyn, Wed Dec 19 5:23pm
      Seems my html is as bad as my writing.
      • If I may...Sorn, Thu Dec 27 11:43am
        I don't actually play this game, I just know a couple of people who used to, and so I tend to lurk around the boards. Every once in a while, I even throw in my two cents -- like now, for example.... more
        • Thanks.Syn, Sun Dec 30 11:07am
          I appreciate the information. I read somewhere that it is ok to post on this board before stat approval to get practice in and to become associated with the player base, but it also reinforced the... more
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            • Character SheetSyn, Thu Jan 10 5:30pm
              Feel free to ask questions or point out flaws. Name: Syn Species:Human Age:15 Class: Intellect - Intellects are thinkers, not fighters. They aren't as strong, fast or agile as the other classes, but... more
              • One thing really stands out.Zeo, Thu Jan 24 9:47pm
                I'm not sure how I feel about the light absorption. The fire is fine but light? I mean, he'd never run out of power EVER. Unless he were captured in a pure black room with literally no light... more
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