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HIJACK: Merry Christmas!
Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:13am

Sad that New Years and Christmas posts are on the same thread. Only not the top thread thanks to silly noobs posting silliness.

  • Happy New YearDemios, Tue Jan 3 8:12am
    And Holidays too. Belatedly. For whomever gets around to reading this.
    • HIJACK: Merry Christmas! — Demios, Tue Dec 25 1:13am
    • Same to you.Hannibal, Tue Feb 7 5:18pm
      Always a pleasure to read your material, Deimos. As for the rest of you, take care of yourselves.
      • Happy Valentines day?Zeo, Mon Feb 13 9:57pm
        You know. If anyone cares... I love you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall! <3
        • Happy St.Patrick's DayLock, Sat Mar 17 5:39pm
          ...Or happy drinking day to the majority of the world.
          • Liska art.Lock, Thu Mar 22 12:33am
            Finally, the girl has some art.
            • HIJACK: Anyone still here?Wilde, Thu Aug 2 8:58pm
              I noticed the last bit of activity around here was in March. Is anyone still lurking, or has this place become a ghost town?
              • The Crypt Doeth StirKaze, Sun Aug 5 6:52pm
                Some of us do creep about, lurking in the shadows in wait of activity. Bear in mind it was never uncommon for this place to fall into inactivity for long stretches. I'm pretty sure this is our... more
                • Yep.Hilton, Mon Aug 6 12:30am
                  This poor place is in a longer drought than I've seen in a while. I stopped having time to consistently add quality activity to the boards. I'd imagine it's the same for a lot of us nowadays.
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