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If I may...
Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:43am

I don't actually play this game, I just know a couple of people who used to, and so I tend to lurk around the boards. Every once in a while, I even throw in my two cents -- like now, for example.

First off, your HTML is fine, except that you're trying to use it like BBCode. Replace your square brackets with angular brackets (less-than and greater-than signs) and they'll work fine.

Also, the parlance around here for out-of-character talk is "NRP", as in "Non-roleplay", rather than OOC. You would typically preface an IC post with "RP:" ("roleplay") followed by a paragraph break and then the text of your post, and insert "NRP:" before any non-roleplay text. For example, the body of a roleplay post would look something like this...

NRP: This is a non-roleplay comment prior to my post.


And now I am totally writing in-character, this is roleplay yes it is.

This will probably be multiple paragraphs of totally engaging story.

You get the idea.

NRP: And here is a closing, out-of-character comment.

As far as posting your character stats and hoping for approval, can't really help you there. Feel free to put them up in this thread, but I wouldn't advise posting on the Stomping Grounds until someone with some kind of authority gives the okay; it tends to be frowned upon.

In fact, it's typically frowned upon to post on this board before being accepted, too, but since there's no longer an official channel for the submission and review of new characters, I guess you don't have much choice.

If you search down the page a bit, you can probably find a thread where people were posting contact info -- if you can find Zeo's and toss him a message to come give your stats a look, that'll probably do the trick. Maybe. I honestly have no idea. Again, what the fuck do I know, I don't actually play this game.

  • Hmm.. | oocSyn, Wed Dec 19 5:23pm
    Seems my html is as bad as my writing.
    • If I may... — Sorn, Thu Dec 27 11:43am
      • Thanks.Syn, Sun Dec 30 11:07am
        I appreciate the information. I read somewhere that it is ok to post on this board before stat approval to get practice in and to become associated with the player base, but it also reinforced the... more
        • Descending from on high!Zeo, Wed Jan 2 2:50pm
          To the tumultuous timbre of testicular trumpets! Hey buddy! Yeah we're not the most active bunch but I saw this in passing and figured I might as well post something so you don't feel lonely. You can ... more
          • Character SheetSyn, Thu Jan 10 5:30pm
            Feel free to ask questions or point out flaws. Name: Syn Species:Human Age:15 Class: Intellect - Intellects are thinkers, not fighters. They aren't as strong, fast or agile as the other classes, but... more
            • One thing really stands out.Zeo, Thu Jan 24 9:47pm
              I'm not sure how I feel about the light absorption. The fire is fine but light? I mean, he'd never run out of power EVER. Unless he were captured in a pure black room with literally no light... more
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