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Character Sheet
Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:30pm

Feel free to ask questions or point out flaws.

Name: Syn



Class: Intellect - Intellects are thinkers, not fighters. They aren't as strong, fast or agile as the other classes, but they more than make up for it with their smarts. The Intellect's skill at complex thought makes them one of the most powerful classes in the game.

Subclass: Mage Level 3 - Mages are magic users. Characters devoted to the study and practice of the mystical arts. Any character in the game has the potential to use magic, but for Mages it is much easier and much more potent. Mages must be biological (not reploids), must have the Wizard personality concept, and almost always purchase the Arcane Knowledge attribute.

Concepts: Wizard, Optimist, Socialite.


Determination - You have an iron will and incredible endurance. This means that you do not tire easily, can hold up under torture, and are almost unstoppable when pursuing a goal. You are physically and mentally resilient. [-20,000¥]

Elemental Invulnerability/Absorption – Light / Fire [-45,000¥]

Knowledge - Arcane Knowledge: You have been schooled in the mystic arts. This means that you are familiar with the supernatural and, if you have the Mage concept, you may cast spells. [-15,000¥]

Mage Level UP – x2 This raises your starting magic by one level. This advantage only be taken by characters with the Wizard concept, and may only be taken a maximum of two times. [-70,000¥]


Abnormally Small Size - You're much smaller than everyone else. While this can sometimes come in handy, it is usually a hindrance. [+25,000¥]

Compulsion/Addiction - You have a need, either physical or psychological, to do something negative. It must be malignant, but you can't help yourself from doing it. [+20,000¥]

Chemical Addiction to a drug XO-84 Street named Pixie Dust. Known to boost a person’s light sensitivity, concentration and flood the user with feelings of euphoria, while causing elevated heart rate, dehydration, and in some users Death, Short term Dementia, Paranoia, and Schizophrenia.

Phobia – Total Darkness - You are mortally afraid of something commonplace. [+25,000¥]

Sitting at [20,000¥] Currently before abilities/equipment.

Primary Weapon: Standard Plasma Cannon usually holstered across his back.

Secondary Weapon - None

Special Abilities – Illuminaughty – Focusing on absorbing all sources of light around him/her the Mage then casts all light back out in a blinding/disorienting explosion of brightness that throws off sensors such as thermal or motion. Allowing the user a few minutes of do whatever you think you can get away with reasonably with minor chances of getting caught status. [15,000¥]

Leaving a whopping!!! [5,000¥] to which I shall bank for now.


Height: 4’11
Weight: 104 lbs
Age: 15
Syn sports a skin of average pale human glossiness. His outfits never really fitting a theme other than comfort and mobility, he tends to prefer clothing of bright colors and tones. He has shoulder length, multi colored hair mostly white-blonde with pink and orange streaks through it that he usually allows to hang down, sometimes parted slightly to either side. As his powers over light have progressed it has had some sort of odd effect causing his eyes to shift over different colors dependant on his mood, usually lighter colors. He looks to be about 15 years of age.

Personality - Willing to make the best of any situation Syn is usually in an optimal mood, beaming with eagerness to learn and meet new people, and more optimistic than most. Syn takes criticism and life’s hard lessons with stride usually bouncing back stronger than before, ready to take on whatever challenges await him. Syn does have moments that could be called “Fits” in which he may have ran out of XO-84 in which he becomes unusually frustrated at simple things and on edge, borderline paranoid.

History – Abandoned as a pup, and raised in the middle of nowhere Syn grew up knowing little of the world. After being blamed for a horrible fire that consumed the life of his youngest foster brother Syn was yet again abandoned to the world. Learning of his Mage ability he then became focused on making a living off of it, attempting to find a powerful Mage to take him under their wing. After hearing tales of Dan and Maq from freelance reploids he quickly signed up thinking it was surely his best chance to find a mentor.

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    • Character Sheet — Syn, Thu Jan 10 5:30pm
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