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Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:51am

YIM: spaceronin

I'm on the facebook group as well.

Good seeing you in Wisconsin Axel.

    • Contact InfoAxel, Sun Mar 30 1:14am
      YIM: Shattered_Paradigm Email: (I check this once every couple weeks) Cell: Six Zero Eight Seven Nine Two Four One One Five And I'm on the Facebook group of course. And yeah... more
      • Contact InfoLock, Tue Apr 22 4:51pm
        AIM: Skype / MSN: And I have to ask, what is this Facebook page you all keep referring to? I can't find it.
        • FacebookCylecks, Sun May 4 2:49am
          That would be the FR Retirement Home. Also. I posted. Military has me working my ass off.
        • Liska ArtLock, Tue Apr 22 9:52pm
 Figured I'd show you my pic I commissioned of Liska a while back.
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