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No Subject
Sun May 11, 2008 04:05 (XFF:

hi all i recently got severely punished for something i reall dont thinik is that bad, you see my fiance and I are in a dd relationship and i have always followed his rules, but one of the main agreements from the start was to quit smoking marijuana... now, i do have a legal prescription for it, but i only needed it in a time of injury, and no longer need it. He accepted it during the time i got prescribed, but now that he sees i no longer need it he wants me to stop. So for the past few months I have lied and told him I haven't been doing it, luckily for me I have a couple of friends who are compelte stoners and do it all day, and sometimes I'll hang out with them to smoke it, and when I come home and he ask why I smell as I do, I tell him it's because I was with them.

Any way a couple days ago I went to go fix his favorite Dulce and Gabana sunglasses (he's a designer freak) because the screw that lets the frame part fold was loose, but I forgot to give them to him when I got home because I was tired, plus he was on the phone for like a good hour so he didn't remind me of them. I lay my purse on the bed, come back in the living room and watch tv, and he walks in asking where his sunglasses are so i tell him to go into my purse and get them (entirely forgetting that my purple cush is in the purse) so he goes to get them, and comes back holding the bag... I look at him and I'm trying to think of an excuse and he gets mad at me and asks why that's in there and what i've been doing, now as he walks towards me I tell him that I don't smoke it anymore and that's old...

Sadly, he knows when I lie so I get pulled into the room, bent down over the dresser in the room, and get hard spanking bare bottom at first with his hand (which hurt enough) and then the hairbrush, and a couple swats of the belt... in pain (I haven't been spanked in a while so I'm not used to it anymore) I covered and rubbed my bottom (our old rule was that I wasn't allowed to touch or rub the area until it's completely done) so then I got a coouple more swats with the belt as punishement.... after wards he explained to me that he didn't like what i was doing, and wasn't sure if he was more upset about me lying or about what i was lying about....

I tried explaining to him that it wasn't that big of a deal, then got more extremely hard swats with the belt, then had to sit against the all on my knees with my red bare bottom for half an hour... and now lose the privelage of shopping and socializing for a month.

He had a reason to be mad, but not this mad (atleast in my opinion) but maybe im missing something?

    • Re: No SubjectGreen Knight, Sun Dec 20 08:49
      you got off lightly, gal
      • Re: No Subjectsue, Tue Jan 3 19:57
        I have to agree that you were very lucky to get off so lightly .Had it been me sitting would have been impossible for a few days .Sue
    • PunishmentLauren Quartermain, Mon May 12 13:59
      I think you should be thankful that is all the punishment you got. My husband probably would have made it an ongoing punishment until I admitted that I was wrong and quit making excuses. I surely... more
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