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Thanks for the replys
Fri Jun 27, 2008 18:10 (XFF:

No, my husband would never beat me. He did smack my butt with a ruler last night only one time, it didn't hurt much. But I knew I was going to far. I love him alot and he does love me alot. But sometimes I can get pretty mouthy. (redheads do have a temper that matches there hair color.) He warned me already that the next time I step out of line, it won't be pretty. Well I think I will try to be good now, that I have his attention. But the thing about it is he has never REALLY spanked me, like how you guys describe it. I have told him and he doesn't want to see me cry no matter how much I want him to do it.
Oh well the swat with the ruler hurt enough i guess.
Why does he feel like that?
But the thing is I know I need it, I wasn't spanked as a child, i was spoiled rotten and i still think i am. I get almost anything i want.
but I am now old enough to understand what BAD attitude means! lol
And boy do i have a bad attitude.
well hope everyone else is doing fine.

Take care


  • Re: Been a bratAnonymous, Fri Jun 27 00:36
    Heather, What can I say? He did spank you and you continue to be disrespectful and disobedient. Maybe he thinks that spanking you is not getting the desired effect and that you are going to do... more
    • Thanks for the replys — Heather, Fri Jun 27 18:10
      • been there........done that.............unknown, Wed Jul 2 10:49
        Yes, I've been there and done that and I am still alone, I foolishly thought if I let him spank me he would love me. Don't confuse the two.... Don't mess it up with this silly notion. Love him, take... more
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