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Sat Jun 28, 2008 00:35 (XFF:

Hi all.
Well Shawn (my husband) has shocked the hell out of me, he was visiting domestic discipline websites long before I came on here, he just I guess wasn't ready to tell me about it when I told him last night about it, it wasn't that he wasn't interested. I think he was doing alot of research. I had no idea, but he sat down with me and told me what would happen if i misbehave next time. I love him very much, but I am scared, not being scared of him but how it will feel. Is that Odd? Has anyone else felt that way? I know I deserve it if it happens when it happens. It was also a little scary talking about it. Especially when he expressed how dead set he was that he would correct my behavior if need be.
I wonder now, what I got myself into. Like I said before I have never been spanked before! And just the swift one swat with the ruler hurt enough the other night I yelped in pain.
I wonder how much more painful it will be?
I hate pain
I'm a big baby!
I could use any advice or insight if anyone else has been in my shoes before.



    • reply to heather sue , Tue Jan 3 19:53
      Dear Heather ,As a happily married wife who has been spanked for 45 years I assure you that a good spanking works wonders in a marriage .It has definately worked wonders in our relationship .Please... more
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