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Green Knight
Re: No Subject
Sun Dec 20, 2009 08:49

you got off lightly, gal

  • No Subjectnobody, Sun May 11 04:05
    hi all i recently got severely punished for something i reall dont thinik is that bad, you see my fiance and I are in a dd relationship and i have always followed his rules, but one of the main... more
    • Re: No Subject — Green Knight, Sun Dec 20 08:49
      • Re: No Subjectsue, Tue Jan 3 19:57
        I have to agree that you were very lucky to get off so lightly .Had it been me sitting would have been impossible for a few days .Sue
    • PunishmentLauren Quartermain, Mon May 12 13:59
      I think you should be thankful that is all the punishment you got. My husband probably would have made it an ongoing punishment until I admitted that I was wrong and quit making excuses. I surely... more
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