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domestic discipline
Thu Mar 3, 2011 21:58

I was married to a man whom I love, but something was missing from our relationship. I needed something more. I have dreamed of it, thought about it and it almost consumed me. I wanted a man to be my head of household, to take me in hand and help me not to be so grouchy. I divored him, but we talked and we live together now. Still aren't remarried. I love him, but even though he had agreed to being the head of our household, he hasn't spanked me half a dozen times in the last year. It makes me feel frustrated. I need more. I want his guidance and I sure as hell don't run to be the head of household, which I am most of the time. No matter what I do it seems to be ok with him even though sometimes I just come right out and asks him don't you think I deserve a spanking? What should I do.

    • Re: domestic disciplineleaf, Sat Mar 5 04:55
      Dear frustrated, why don't you ask him to write a list of duties down for you to complete each day and next to it a list of punishmnets if not done correctly.This gets round you having to confront... more
      • LDDFrustated, Sat Mar 5 13:55
        Thank you I will try that and see if it works. I appreciate your input.
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