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Re: domestic discipline
Sat Mar 5, 2011 04:55

Dear frustrated,
why don't you ask him to write a list of duties down for you to complete each day and next to it a list of punishmnets if not done correctly.This gets round you having to confront him and reveal your disatisfaction with him.It will also make him think about his role as Head Of House .Also you will complete the list each day knowing you do so for him even if it is jobs you would have done normally now you do it for him because he demands it of you.This gives a little frission no?
You could ofcource deliberately do something wrong and brattish and then admit it to him on your knees and hope he refers to the list for the severity of the punishmnet.

  • domestic disciplineFrustrated, Thu Mar 3 21:58
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    • Re: domestic discipline — leaf, Sat Mar 5 04:55
      • LDDFrustated, Sat Mar 5 13:55
        Thank you I will try that and see if it works. I appreciate your input.
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