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Re: writing punishment plus...
Thu Aug 18, 2011 09:18

Dear anonomous one ,
you have ceratinly taken a long time .I would like you to refresh my memory on what you seek and wish to acheive by having me take you on as it were.....
I am not happy that the first task you are told you decide that you must alter it .Part of the task is the knowing that you must do this is not your choice .
I would like to know what you were thinking when you read my instructions and carried them out alone in your room .How did you feel facing the wall by yourself doing this for a stranger as we still are .
Maybe if you write me a good explanation and show me willing i shall concider some more tasks for our enjoyment

  • Re: writing punishment plus...Anonymous, Wed Aug 17 23:14
    Leaf, I have completed the 30 minutes of kneeling at my wall, which felt like two hours. Keeping my arms behind my back that long started to make them sore, so I spent some time with them interlocked ... more
    • Re: writing punishment plus... — Anonymous, Thu Aug 18 09:18
      • LinesAnonymous, Wed Jul 27 01:10
        Dear leaf I would like you to punished me my giving me lines to do for my bad behaviour
      • Punishment Lines/ Essay/PhysicalScrojo, Sat Feb 6 10:17
        Dear Ms Armstrong I am in need of any or all of the above as I have been looking at women's legs in work and generally not concentrating, any of the above would be well appreciated and deserved.
        • Punishment lines, Essay, PhysicalScrojo, Sun Feb 7 05:40
          Dear Ms Armstrong Could you please send punishment lines, etc to me, I have supplied my email address above. Thank You Scrojo
      • corner time writing punishmentAnonymous, Tue Dec 13 19:05
        Dear Leaf, I would like to receive punishment lines and corner time assignments and self bondage if indicated. I have been wasting a lot of time online and need to pay the price and set a list of... more
      • Re: writing punishment plus...Anonymous, Wed Sep 21 21:42
        Leaf, What I am looking for is detention-style punishments (copying lines x times, defining words x times) as well as some physical punishments (corner time, etc). What i seek is a list of infraction ... more
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