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Re: writing punishment plus...
Wed Sep 21, 2011 21:42

What I am looking for is detention-style punishments (copying lines x times, defining words x times) as well as some physical punishments (corner time, etc). What i seek is a list of infraction punishments (smoking is 5 copies of x and 5 minutes)

  • Re: writing punishment plus...Anonymous, Thu Aug 18 09:18
    Dear anonomous one , you have ceratinly taken a long time .I would like you to refresh my memory on what you seek and wish to acheive by having me take you on as it were..... I am not happy that the... more
    • LinesAnonymous, Wed Jul 27 01:10
      Dear leaf I would like you to punished me my giving me lines to do for my bad behaviour
    • Punishment Lines/ Essay/PhysicalScrojo, Sat Feb 6 10:17
      Dear Ms Armstrong I am in need of any or all of the above as I have been looking at women's legs in work and generally not concentrating, any of the above would be well appreciated and deserved.
      • Punishment lines, Essay, PhysicalScrojo, Sun Feb 7 05:40
        Dear Ms Armstrong Could you please send punishment lines, etc to me, I have supplied my email address above. Thank You Scrojo
    • corner time writing punishmentAnonymous, Tue Dec 13 19:05
      Dear Leaf, I would like to receive punishment lines and corner time assignments and self bondage if indicated. I have been wasting a lot of time online and need to pay the price and set a list of... more
    • Re: writing punishment plus... — Anonymous, Wed Sep 21 21:42
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