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First "real" spanking!
Mon Apr 7, 2014 01:45

So.... Until this morning I've been a self proclaimed "self spanker" for 26 years. Yes it was kind of lame but it's all I had : /.... Anyway to the point... I've been dating this guy for about 6 mo (he's an army Cap) and for the last 3 mo or so I've attempted to drop hints at my fetish. (He's military I mean come on, don't they all have a dominant side.) Before today I was kind of falling for him but now I'm Head over heals!! He spanked me! I woke up this morning around 7, I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to take his car and surprise him with donuts and coffee. Honestly I was just bored and my ADHD was winning lol but I thought I'd be sweet. So I drove around the corner to our usual spot got his favorite donut and two Coffees. But when I walked in the door he was already up and standing tensely at the kitchen sink, arms crossed. (Uh oh, how cliche) at first I'm a little worried but shortly taken over by the 'worried Dom waiting up routine' ; ) so I walk in and get a "what the hell babe" so I ask innocently enough what's wrong hun.... "Where were you?" ...umm getting breakfast .. Why you mad?" "um.. Because we only got home at 5:30 and you were smashed .... Meaning your still pretty drunk .. Did you drive?!" I look down, realizing my lack of common sense. I respond " I was just bored, I didn't think..." He said .. Well yelled "exactly you didn't think!!! I love that you have a free spirit and we can be spontaneous together but when it comes to you being dangerous and stupid that's where I draw the line." I was hurt I set the coffee down and started walking away toward the bathroom. I felt like crying, but had too much pride. "I'm not done! Get back here!" He grabbed my waist, smacked my butt (over his sweats I swiped from his drawer ) before hugging me hard and walking to his bed still tangled in me. "I'm sorry sugar" I whimpered "I guess I just didn't think.." He replied with "don't worry I'll make damn sure you think next time! Drunk or not.." He slide his hand over my bottom sliding the sweats down to my knees, before pinching my right cheek HARD! I squeaked! "Baby that hurt" he shushed me and smacked my bare bottom again, harder this time. Then he pulled my hoodie over my head and told me to lose the sweats. I was intrigued and very turned on. This naturally brought out my submissive side. One I've never met before. I kicked off my pants. He slide my tank over my head and tossed it aside. I was standing fully naked and chastised in front of my dream guy, possibly with a red bottom. I was his and he knew it. He spoke again. " Nikki I care about you and I consider myself responsible for you" He grabbed my chin. " that makes me nervous considering your driving around in my car smashed. "You need to realize that you are not invincible. Your mom ever spank you? Discipline you?" I shook my head no. "You EVER been spanked?" I must have looked terrified, because his voice and eyes softened. "Relax! I'm sorry baby but I don't know how else to teach you. Bend over my lap, this will hurt but I think you've earned it young lady" I was terrified but I was also dripping and very intrigued!i I didn't comply at first so he led me over his lap. "I love you baby girl, if you ever do anything like this again.... I will use my belt! I'm serious!" SMACK! His hand got my right cheek. I yelped and instantly apologized. I wasn't sorry yet just scared. SMACK! again and again he spanked my bare bottom. Maybe 20-30 times. Hard! He stopped and rubbed and squeezed. I was dripping and excited yet surprised at how much it hurt! Self spanking can't compare to the pain of a real and unpredictable spanking. His hand slid past my red bottom and down my clit gently. "By how wet you are I take it you won't be angry with me later?" "No baby, but please no more I can't take it. It hurts so bad" He responded with "If I stop now this would be play not discipline." He picked me up and layed me on his pillow. He left the room and came back with a wooden spoon in his hand. I cried. His face softened. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear "baby, I don't know if you want this anymore but I know you need it. Put your hands under your chest and don't move until I say so, understand me? "Yes" I whimper. SMACK* SMACK* SMACK* 3X on each cheek of my bottom. "That's yes Sir when your being disciplined! Do you understand me baby?" "Yes sir!" I cry out. He turns on the iPod and spanks my bottom and thighs with his hand and the spoon for the entirety of three P.O.D songs. I'm swollen, welted, and bruised. He grabs my shoulders and rolls me over till I'm resting on his chest. "You rub your ass, and I'll get my belt!" Yes sir" I reply instantaneously. He holds me while I cry. " I love you baby, please don't ever make me do that again... Well not for that reason anyway. I love spanking your ass it's adorable, but I hate 'punishing' you. Are you mad at me?" I answered "No. I deserved that. Just shocked that you did it." He says "I know your little secret baby. But I also know more than a spanking you need discipline. Was that as fun as you thought it'd be?" "... NO! My ass is on fire!" He placed his teeth on my lip and bit down hard, making me wince. Then he reached around and smacked my thigh twice and hard. "Watch your mouth! We have a lot of work to do!" And he wrapped his arms around me as we both dozed off.

    • P.SNaughty_Nikki, Mon Apr 7 02:19
      So I just told J. About my post tonight. He said I'm going to get a spanking before bed for talking about our personal life without his permission. But promises it will be a fun one (kinda). I feel... more
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