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Mon Apr 7, 2014 02:19

So I just told J. About my post tonight. He said I'm going to get a spanking before bed for talking about our personal life without his permission. But promises it will be a fun one (kinda). I feel like everything is different now that he knows my secret. I feel free. Free'er than I ever had. We talked earlier. He said he know about my fetish because of a page I left open one day on his IPad. ( and from that and my hints he figured the rest out. He said he has a similar fetish but more of a S and M style of DD. Either way, from this point on when I'm a naughty girl... Well you know.., I get spanked as such : ) well I'm being told to log off. I have 25 minutes of corner time and a pretty hard spanking to receive before I can go to bed. Goodnight and thanks for the courage guys! Night!

  • First "real" spanking!Anonymous, Mon Apr 7 01:45
    So.... Until this morning I've been a self proclaimed "self spanker" for 26 years. Yes it was kind of lame but it's all I had : /.... Anyway to the point... I've been dating this guy for about 6 mo... more
    • P.S — Naughty_Nikki, Mon Apr 7 02:19
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