Receiving Punishment Lines
Thu Sep 17, 2015 15:07

Dear Ms. Armstrong,

I'm intrigued by your interests!

I am especially hoping to find a matronly Dominant woman who enjoys assigning humiliating punishment lines for a submissive such as myself. The lines might be selected to address specific infractions I am guilty of - or any that you capriciously devise for any reason at all!

I'm seeking a woman who is a classic disciplinarian, adores setting lines, receiving the completed hard copies of them and then mercilessly scrutinizing the work afterwards. (I'm also willing to write online at a site such as, Write for Me). You might assign more lines for any and all mistakes! Your role would be fairly simple; mine would be odious and time-consuming. If this turns you on, let me know!

If such an arrangement interests you, I would be happy to send a draft of a Punishment Line Writing Contract for the two of us and see what you think. You would, of course, have the final "say" on the contours of such a Contract.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely and submissively,


  • Re: writing punishment lines.Anonymous, Mon Apr 29 04:55
    As an English teacher, I absolutely love giving lines and other equally humiliating written impositions to deserving male pupils such as you. However, I need to know what code / codes of school... more
    • Re: writing punishment lines.Anonymous, Sun Nov 19 19:49
      Hello miss Armstrong I'm 12 years old and I'm a boy. I've skipped school a few times. Do you think I need to be punished?
    • disgusting sissyDavid, Wed Oct 12 05:03
      Dear Miss, I am sorry but I wore my wife's knickers to school and left a stain. Should I wash them or sneak them into the washing basket and hope she doesn't notice. Sorry. Yours david
    • recive punishmentyve, Mon Oct 10 11:16
      Missis, i need a punsment, because i am dissobediant, because I d'ont wear my dresscode, wool sweater and short pants, so I know I need a punishemnt, sorry for my right,but Iam french
    • Linespecking070, Mon Oct 3 16:38
      Miss Armstrong, I did not pay attention when you read out a story from a book, so do I have to write out every single word from that book? Would I be given lines instead to do within allotted time... more
    • LinesJon Smith, Mon Oct 3 16:29
      Hello Miss Armstrong, I have not been paying attention when you read out a story from a book in assembly, so would I have to write out every single word from the book, or write lines such as, I will... more
    • Bad behavior Anonymous, Mon Jul 25 12:33
      Hi miss Armstrong, I would like you to punished me by giving me lines, I was late for class this morning also didn't do my homework and I was talking in class
      • LinesAnonymous, Tue Jul 26 14:26
        Could you send me my punishment please miss Armstrong
    • LinesEric, Tue Oct 27 12:09
      Thank you! You can send them to: Sincerely and submissively, Eric
    • Punishment LInesEric, Sat Oct 17 22:58
      My email address is: Thanks, again, for considering assigning me punishment lines! Sincerely and submissively, Eric
    • Punishment LinesEric, Sat Oct 17 22:51
      Miss Armstrong, I am available to receive the punishment lines I so richly deserve. Sincerely and submissively, Eric 10-17-15
    • Receiving Punishment Lines — Eric, Thu Sep 17 15:07
      • Receiving linesAnonymous, Mon Jul 25 14:13
        Miss Armstrong, I am available to receive the punishment lines I so richly deserve.
    • linesAnonymous, Tue Aug 11 10:37
      Do you give lines to adults. for offences, kindly let me know
    • Punishment LInesEric, Tue Apr 21 12:37
      Miss Armstrong, Thank you for your willingness to assign me punishment lines! To answer your question, I have been: -Arrogant -Disrespectful -Stroking william under the desk... Tell me specifically... more
    • Punishment Line WritingEric, Mon Apr 20 18:03
      Hi! My name is Eric, and I am looking for a Dominant woman who genuinely enjoys assigning punishment line writing assignments by mail to correct various behaviors. I am not interested in a paid... more
    • Re: writing punishment lines.naughty boy, Thu Apr 9 11:58
      Miss Armstong, I need to be set an exercise for a domestic misdemeanor, which was to not cool the champagne for my partner. Plesae let me know the task should should be delivered and what is... more
    • this has got to be painfulli need this, Mon Nov 10 15:08
      some of the rules we have in our school are that there is no going on phones in class, no smoking, no talking, do your homework and some other like that. I have been caught talking in class and going ... more
    • Please assign me PunishmentAnonymous, Sat Oct 18 09:05
      Greetings Maam, I am brat and naughty,Speak bad word, disrespect elders, and do back talk to them. Please I need discipline, please punish me please
    • Setting Lines?Eric, Sun Sep 14 08:30
      Dear Miss Armstrong, I would very much like to submit to a line writing regimen under your auspices! It sounds like you are a serious, thoughtful disciplinarian, which is precisely what I need and am ... more
    • Punishment linesRick, Sat Jan 25 04:42
      Hello Miss Armstrong I fell compelled to write and to ask you to punish me for various infringements in class recently. I was late for school yesterday, I said I had been to the dentist but I... more
      • Lines, EssayJohn, Fri Feb 12 15:10
        Miss Armstrong, I am in need of lines or an essay as I have been spending too much time looking at ladie's legs on the Internet at work, could you please send the written exercise to my email address ... more
      • Punishment ExerciseColin Jon Mccartney, Sun Jun 22 12:44
        Dear Miss Armstrong I am in need of a written Punishment Exercise for being on my phone in class and being lazy with homework Colin
    • Re: writing punishment lines.Geraldine Smith, Thu Aug 8 07:46
      Late for class and then talking when there. Incorrigible. Totally incorrigible.
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