Lines, Essay
Fri Feb 12, 2016 15:10

Miss Armstrong, I am in need of lines or an essay as I have been spending too much time looking at ladie's legs on the Internet at work, could you please send the written exercise to my email address -
Thank You

  • Punishment linesRick, Sat Jan 25 04:42
    Hello Miss Armstrong I fell compelled to write and to ask you to punish me for various infringements in class recently. I was late for school yesterday, I said I had been to the dentist but I... more
    • Lines, Essay — John, Fri Feb 12 15:10
    • Punishment ExerciseColin Jon Mccartney, Sun Jun 22 12:44
      Dear Miss Armstrong I am in need of a written Punishment Exercise for being on my phone in class and being lazy with homework Colin
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