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Bill Adelman
Facebook page for DC 72
Mon Mar 7, 2011 10:53am

I have not been able to update this website as much as I used to. Since I retired from my day job, my music has kept me busier than ever. Plus my web skills are pretty rusty, since I hardly ever do computer work anymore.

I created a Facebook page, Del Campo Seventytwo,
The link is on this home page.

It's much easier to share info and things like pictures and events on Facebook, since that is what the site was set up for.
In addition, if we decide to have our 40th next year, it will be easier to allow people to share administration tasks, as well as help with finding people. Quite a lot of you are on Facebook.

Also there is a gmail account at the Facebook site, but I will still keep the email account as long as these pages exist.


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