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Teri Lemke
Re: Yippee
Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:01pm

Hey, Jim!! YES, THIS TIME I HOPE THAT MUSIC IS MORE PREDOMINATE. LAST TIME IT APPEARED THEY WANTED TO JUST TALK AND I AM ALL FOR THE MUSIC! WE HAVE LOTS TO CELEBRATE AND DANCING IS A GREAT FORM OF CELEBRATION!!! WE MADE IT TO OUR 40TH REUNION FOR PITTY SAKES....LETS PARTY!!!! Since you haven't been to any other reunions, it may be a shocker to you...I went to all of I will actually be able to recognize people, it may be alittle harder for you! SEE YOU THERE!

  • YippeeJim Lowry, Tue Oct 11 10:24pm
    Hey, I'm excited since I missed all the others! Will there be music? (What I'm hinting at is can WE form a band do some jammin'?) I'd be happy to volunteer and even provide sound and other equipment. ... more
    • Re: Yippee — Teri Lemke, Mon Mar 19 11:01pm
    • Could beBill, Thu Oct 13 3:42pm
      EMOTW. We did a DC band thing at the 30 year with Ed Quigley, Bill Framsted, Robin Zickel, Jeff Weir, Steve Howe and Jim Irion (Class of '73). It was fun for us, but not so sure it was everyone's cup ... more
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