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Bill Adelman
Is everyone pretty much....
Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:24pm

on Facebook now? Should I think about retiring this old fashioned message board? Just curious if I should keep this going.

    • Re: Is everyone pretty much....Anonymous, Sat May 19 6:25am
      I'm just now back on and hope it'll keep going. Good to know about people from the class of '72.
    • FacebookBruce Mandel, Fri Apr 27 11:07pm
      I'm not on. Specifically because of compliance and liability issues. But, email is up so you can get a hold of me there bam
      • EMOTWBill Adelman, Sun Apr 29 10:18pm
        Thanks, Bruce. Didn't have your email. I'll send you the reunion info.
    • Re: Is everyone pretty much....Jethro, Fri Apr 27 8:01am
      Is it too late to get a diploma. I done graduated the 6th grade.
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