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Bill Adelman
Reunion info
Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:35pm

I sent an email through Encina. I don't have a # or direct email for you.
Send me your contact info at the email here or give me a call at 209-Seven45-Zero335.

  • No SubjectRuss Hibbard, Mon Jun 25 3:45pm
    Please send me more information on the class Reunion. Thanks Russ
    • Reunion info — Bill Adelman, Tue Jul 24 2:35pm
      • Russ HibbardSteve Andrews, Tue Aug 7 1:36pm
        Not sure if Russ got back to you or not, Bill, but he is now on staff at "New San Juan" high school. The old email address, should work for him.
        • Voice mailBill, Tue Aug 7 2:11pm
          I left a voice mail on his phone. He was at football practice with his team when I called. Seems just like yesterday. ;-D
    • CougarsFootball Man, Fri Jul 6 10:57am
      Still smokin' ? Used to be fun. Bwahhh
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