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Bill Adelman
Not true
Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:05pm

Maybe you can get into NCC, Spooky, but they will be counting heads before they give us a final bill. Please don't crash the reunion as we will have to pay for you anyway. If we don't have enough funds, that will leave the committee holding the bag. You can pay at the door, though. Thanks!

  • PssstSpooky, Thu Aug 23 8:09pm
    I heard all you have to do is tell security you are with the reunion and they will let you in. Maybe you will see me there. I'll be wearing a name tag with my real name on it.
    • Not true — Bill Adelman, Fri Aug 24 12:05pm
    • 1972 Madison Ave, Thu Aug 23 9:39pm
      Are lids still 10 dollars?
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