More Reunion Pictures
Wed Aug 9, 2017 12:54pm

Below are more reunion photos that I copied from the Marquez Reunion 2017 Facebook webpage.

Some of these may be duplicates of photos I posted earlier.

    • Re: More Reunion PicturesJoe M., Thu Aug 10 2:27pm
    • More PhotosDon, Thu Aug 10 1:45pm
    • re:more reunion picturesDiane Creel, Thu Aug 10 9:30am
      What a great-looking group of people. :) Thank you for posting these, Don. We sure did miss you and the other family members who could not attend.
      • "...great-looking group of people..."Eddie Newman, Fri Aug 11 5:43pm
        "...great-looking group of people..." Really???? All I see is a bunch of over-weight old people. Sheesh. Only a few photos have the photo of the handsome, svelte, debonair guy. (Okay, okay, it's only ... more
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