The Fat Man In Lycra Rides Again v.9
Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:47pm

It is that time of year again:

1). Mothers of school-age children rejoice.
2). Kids everywhere ask in a bewildered tone of voice, "Hey, where'd the summer go???"
3). I swing my leg over my trusty bicycle and set off to kick MS butt.

Please consider supporting my efforts. My fundraising page is here:

    • Chico - MSAndie, Wed Sep 27 10:41pm
      Hey there Chico there has been so much going on with Hurricanes, Birthday's etc. that your event was kind of in the shuffle with all the rest. Mom is making a donation to this needed cause but was... more
      • FMiL v9Chico, Mon Oct 2 11:00am
        The Fat Man in Lycra: Version 9 went off with no permanent damage. I route one of the the shorter routes this year (largely due to a complete lack of training on my part), and it turned out to be a... more
        • "Chico The Man"Andie, Wed Oct 4 10:07am
          Hey there cousin mom and I are soooooo happyyyyy that you did so well with all the others that did this ride for MS. More research is needed and funds to continue to care for those affected by this... more
          • Who IS That Handsome Man?Chico, Fri Oct 6 3:34pm
            The MS Society posted photos of the ride, and leading off the photos for the 25-mile ride was a certain handsome man of a certain age you all know and love. Or at least know. Note the jersey.... more
            • "Chico The Man" & Handsome in deed..!!Andie, Sat Oct 7 1:59pm
              Oh how I wish mom could see your picture the "MS Society" posted of her handsome nephew leading off the "MS Bike Ride" for life and you can see how serious you are about this event for such a serious ... more
            • re:Who IS that handsome manDiane Creel, Sat Oct 7 7:56am
              Lookin' good!
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