Eddie Newman
Gregory...what else????
Thu Nov 9, 2017 8:39am

First recital, with friends/members of the UNT One O'Clock Lab Band. These guys are good, nice, respectful, they LISTEN to each other. No single ego sticks out...
We're thinking about selling the house, cashing in our retirement funds, buying an RV/bus, and hitting the road with these guys...


    • GregoryChuck Beckman, Fri Nov 10 12:50pm
      Sorry, but Gregory is not ready to hit the road in a bus. Look at him - a suit! Short hair! I mean, the talent is there, but he's got a couple months of work to look the part of a musician on the... more
      • Gregory what else....??Andie & Mom...Again, Sat Nov 11 2:02pm
        Ha, ha Chuck you are way to FUNNY in HUMOR as you still have got it in entertaining all of us wherever we all are as in LOVE IT...!! xoxo
    • Re: Gregory...what else????Joe M., Fri Nov 10 10:09am
      Very cool!!!!
    • Gregory what else....??Andie, Thu Nov 9 11:19pm
      Wow seriously hitting the road Eddie..?? You are right though the music is great and so are the members of this Lab Band who work so well as a team together. It would be a great experience for you... more
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