Joanne's College Graduation
Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:55pm

After 15 years of taking one college class per semester, Joanne is going to receive her Bachelor of Science degree (with honors) from the University of Wisconsin in December.

Iím sure the Marquez family will join me in saying how proud we are of all her hard work and in her accomplishment!

    • Excellent!Chico, Thu Nov 16 3:32pm
      Way to go, cuz' - we're very, very, VERY proud of you. And that Minor in Childcare will help you deal with Tim.
      • Re: Excellent!Joanne, Fri Nov 17 2:20pm
        Haha... I'll make sure to pass that along to Tim!!
        • It Works for Jeannette ...Chico, Fri Nov 17 3:08pm
          Why do you think Jeanette manages me so well? Her degree in what was then called "special education", that's why.
    • Yay!!!Joe M., Mon Nov 13 11:30am
      Now that's a persistence record!!! Too awesome. . .WAY TO GO!!!! Mega proud of Joanne!!!
    • re: Joanne's graduationDiane Creel, Sat Nov 11 1:44pm
      Fantastic! We are all so proud of your hard work. Taking classes while working, being a mom, visiting your dad when he was alive, and planning a family reunion is an amazing accomplishment (not to... more
    • Joanne's College GraduationAndie, Fri Nov 10 9:28pm
      Way to go Joanne...!! You certainly are a very determined inspiring woman and stayed right with it all the way. By all means "Congratulations" are in order along with being very "Proud" and you... more
      • Re: Joanne's College GraduationJoanne, Sat Nov 11 8:19am
        Thanks Andie. It's been a long journey and yes, I"m very excited and proud of what I've accomplished. My trip to Italy next year is actually my gift to myself!!
        • Joanne's College GraduationAndie, Sat Nov 11 1:44pm
          YOU go GIRL so well deserved in my BOOK...!!! I am getting ready for a total left knee replacement on Monday reporting to surgery and then many weeks of recovery time with physical therapy. I have... more
          • Joanne's College GraduationAndie, Sat Nov 11 1:49pm
            Oh and one more thing, try to post some pictures of your upcoming "Graduation" if you are able to..xoxox
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