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Joanne & Louise
Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:44pm

Now I know this post is a little involved so bare with me here in getting break with having surgery tomorrow ha, ha. I loved reading the latest post's along with pictures of Uncle Rocky & Aunt Ricky on Facebook being this Veterans Day weekend. I read them to mom as well and she cried but a good kind of crying expression in her remembering and going way back in conversation with me. Both Aunt & Uncle seemed to be taken in the care they gave us nieces and nephew's growing up and like Diane & Rob stated they gave more attention when the kid's were apart of the larger families when their own attention was somewhat limited at times.

I myself remember in the summers going to stay with Aunt Mary & Uncle Edison a few times and cousin Diane and I would go to Uncle Rocky's & Aunt Ricky's apartment for dinner and overnighters and we were taken to a few fun places in the times we visited them. I and my siblings never made it to Cherry Point though which sounded like great fun. They also did this many times when we would all visit Denver where they were now living as most of our families had moved away from Denver back then.

The only bittersweet moment that I remember is our own family on vacation at grandma & grandpa's home on Beach Ct. in which I cannot remember where everyone else was except maybe to the airport to pickup the visiting Newman's coming in and would need a couple of cars so us kids were left with Uncle Rocky and in trying to get Uncle Rocky's attention in being anxious and close to tears for myself and my siblings we could hear the ice cream truck coming down the street while Uncle Rocky was on the phone so in trying to get some change from him quietly he finally caught on in digging into his pockets and giving it to us. The four of us kids ran out the front door with smaller Diana trailing behind us trying to race after it and I fell down the front steps so me having all the change we missed the dang ice cream truck and with me now crying in getting back up I was more upset that we missed it than me falling down the stairs skinned knees and all. We then went back in the house and with Uncle Rocky now off the phone he said what happened..?? so we told him and in being the sweet uncle he was put the four of us kids in the car and took us to the soda shop down on Federal for hamburgers, fries and milkshakes so the day was saved and we were very grateful to Uncle Rocky with the time and love he gave us.

A few years later Louise and Joanne came along to join the clan and now Uncle Rocky and Aunt Ricky's lives were complete for them but still gave all of us cousins a little extra attention when they could when visiting especially our trips to Elitches with the visiting Lynch's and Newman's back then. Those times were great in memory. Bless them both in all of us missing them now today along with the great dedicated service Uncle Rocky gave while in the Marines along with the cousins including some of their own children who followed in serving for our Country as well and the brave parents who had to let them go to do so. Okay, I am finished here in honoring our own family veterans here with a thank you and love...xoxox

    • re: Joanne & LouiseDiane Creel, Mon Nov 13 8:00am
      Great memories, Andie! I can see Uncle Roque taking everyone for ice cream after missing the ice cream man. He and Aunt Astrid took me clothes shopping at the PX at Cherry Point and they were shocked ... more
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