Newman Dinner
Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:57pm

From Diane Creel's Facebook:

My brother, Mike, and his wife Marilyn Newman, are in town, so we have to have a dinner! Four of the seven Newman siblings together with our Papa, missing Martha Oldham, Pat Newman Jacobs and Edward Newman! with Garrick Newman, Mema Delhagen, Amber Proffitt, Marilyn Newman and Lori Olson Newman

    • That's A LOT of Newmans ...Chico, Sat Mar 17 6:23pm
      Is that: A herd of Newmans? A mob of Newmans? A pod of Newmans? A flock of Newmans? A swarm of Newmans? A troop of Newmans? A pack of Newmans? An Edison of Newmans?
      • re:That's a lot of NewmansDiane Creel, Wed Mar 21 7:41am
        A mountain of Marquez'? A litany of Lynchs? A riot of Ruybals? A mob of Maestes'? A brood of Banks'?
      • re: That's a lot of NewmansDiane Creel, Sun Mar 18 2:22pm
        A damnation of Newmans? (Must be something like that, since "that G-d damn Edison" was responsible for the whole lot....)
        • Thanks for the idea...Chico, Mon Mar 19 7:32pm
          Your suggestion just crystallized it for me: A pestilence of Newmans. No, wait ... maybe its a pestilence of Lynches. Ah heck, now I'm all confused.
        • That's a lot of NewmansEdward Newman, Sun Mar 18 10:06pm
          I prefer a "Nexus of Newmans".
          • Two Chicos Walk Into A Bar ...Chico, Tue Mar 20 10:38am
            And if there were (God forbid!) two Chicos in the same room, that would be... An annoyance of Chicos. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Newman Dinner PicBruce Ruybal, Thu Mar 15 8:51pm
      Nice picture. You all are a nice looking family!! Uncle Edison/"Newman"...lookin good and healthy! Hope all is well with everybody in Marquezland.
    • Newman DinnerMarilyn Newman, Wed Mar 14 10:13pm
      This was so much fun. Great to see every one, especially the younger set: Blondes at far end of table: L is Ivy Profitt; R is Amber Proffitt; closest end of the table are Garrick & Lori's two... more
      • Newman DinnerAndie & Mom, Mon Mar 19 10:59am
        We always love us a "Newman" as speaking for mom & I we have been personal fans for years now. In any event, great picture..!!
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