Marilyn Newman
Newman Dinner
Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:13pm

This was so much fun. Great to see every one, especially the younger set: Blondes at far end of table: L is Ivy Profitt; R is Amber Proffitt; closest end of the table are Garrick & Lori's two daughters: L is Haley Newman; R is Hannah Newman. All four are wonderful young ladies.

  • Newman DinnerDon, Wed Mar 14 1:57pm
    From Diane Creel's Facebook: My brother, Mike, and his wife Marilyn Newman, are in town, so we have to have a dinner! Four of the seven Newman siblings together with our Papa, missing Martha Oldham,... more
    • That's A LOT of Newmans ...Chico, Sat Mar 17 6:23pm
      Is that: A herd of Newmans? A mob of Newmans? A pod of Newmans? A flock of Newmans? A swarm of Newmans? A troop of Newmans? A pack of Newmans? An Edison of Newmans?
      • re:That's a lot of NewmansDiane Creel, Wed Mar 21 7:41am
        A mountain of Marquez'? A litany of Lynchs? A riot of Ruybals? A mob of Maestes'? A brood of Banks'?
      • re: That's a lot of NewmansDiane Creel, Sun Mar 18 2:22pm
        A damnation of Newmans? (Must be something like that, since "that G-d damn Edison" was responsible for the whole lot....)
        • Thanks for the idea...Chico, Mon Mar 19 7:32pm
          Your suggestion just crystallized it for me: A pestilence of Newmans. No, wait ... maybe its a pestilence of Lynches. Ah heck, now I'm all confused.
        • That's a lot of NewmansEdward Newman, Sun Mar 18 10:06pm
          I prefer a "Nexus of Newmans".
          • Two Chicos Walk Into A Bar ...Chico, Tue Mar 20 10:38am
            And if there were (God forbid!) two Chicos in the same room, that would be... An annoyance of Chicos. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Newman Dinner PicBruce Ruybal, Thu Mar 15 8:51pm
      Nice picture. You all are a nice looking family!! Uncle Edison/"Newman"...lookin good and healthy! Hope all is well with everybody in Marquezland.
    • Newman Dinner — Marilyn Newman, Wed Mar 14 10:13pm
      • Newman DinnerAndie & Mom, Mon Mar 19 10:59am
        We always love us a "Newman" as speaking for mom & I we have been personal fans for years now. In any event, great picture..!!
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