Andie & Mom
Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:18pm

Before you know it they will name one "The Chicster" it kind of has a nice ring to such an important person & name as well as the others that are named. Kidding aside though, we out here agree with you Mr. Chico what is wrong with calling the alarming weather surges what exactly they are just as you say "Hurricanes" or whatever condition the weather brings us like out here earthquakes like it is my fault right..?? "San Andreas Fault Line" I mean come on..!! Simply put, out West here they are earthquakes plain and simple nuff said.

In any event, you all back East hunker down to stay in, safe and warm sipping your warm brandy sitting by the fireplace reading or watching a movie or two. Hopefully it will not last to long before the snow melts again from this storm you all are getting. Take Care..xoxoxo

  • Just Another Nor'EasterChico, Wed Mar 21 7:27pm
    Our fourth Nor'easter of March is winding down - this one is named Toby (the other three were Quinn, Riley, Skylar). I don't know about you, but why the heck are we naming these? Hurricanes I can... more
    • Nor'Easter — Andie & Mom, Fri Mar 23 8:18pm
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