Eddie Newman
Gregory Newman
Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:33am

I'm not happy to be promoting FaceBook, but in fact, the best way to keep track of Gregory's activities is...following him, and/or the UNT One O'Clock Lab Band on FaceBook.

Last night was his first of 6 consecutive days of performances: He played 3 solos with a community orch, in the trendy town of Grapevine, TX (all 3 already posted on his FB account). Tonight the One O'Clock plays with Doc Severinson (who turns 91 in a few weeks!), then 4 concerts in the DC region, ending with a featured performance at the Greater St. Louis Jazz Festival on Friday.

Whew...having a tough time keeping up...and he's still only 19!

Love to all,

    • Gregory in "Jazz around the Clock"Andie & Mom, Tue Apr 17 9:33pm
      Yes agreed, that this young man is incredible for his age. I played some of the music for mom in what she could hear of it anyway but enough for her to say WOW, that Gregory sure knows how to "Trump... more
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