Will & Emmy
Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:31pm

You are so sweet Lori and on behalf of the Banks Family thank you for your kind words. The wedding was just beautiful with Emmy as our most gorgeous bride. The church ceremony was so special and personal. The reception and dinner following at the Nashville Plantation I believe it was continued to be even more inviting with plenty of food and drink to go around for days I think it was all so good..!!

Brother Jim and Wendy gave the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding which we heard was also very nice with everyone having a great time. Kaitlin & I could not be there until Saturday as she had a work event to attend that evening. After the dinner there was plenty of music and dancing to go around for more of a wonderful evening. Will and Emmy are avid fans of the "Nashville Predators" so even the "Mascot" got into the act in arriving a little later to join in on the dancing. Emmy's father arranged all of that as they have box seats each season and what a nice family they all are.

There are a few pictures posted on facebook but I am sure they will post more and on the tree here with the word getting out. We also really enjoyed seeing Chico and Jeanette in taking the time to attend this wedding and to see and visit all of us. Now Chico can focus on walking his daughter down the isle in September so an early Congrat's on that...!! We are so proud of Mr. & Mrs. William Banks and know that the children's mother Beth was smiling down upon them from up above as Courtney, Harry and their children came all the way from Japan and it was so good to see them there along with Emily who was a beautiful bridesmaid with her sister Courtney. It was just a shame that our own mother could not attend with all of us together there though she is doing rather well so again thank you..!!

  • Will & EmmyLorri, Tue Jun 19 6:45am
    Congratulations to Jim, Wendy and all the Banks family on the marriage of Will and Emmy! Yes, Will has won his Emmy, but the Banks family wins their 3rd! Please post some photos if possible or share... more
    • Will & Emmy — Andie, Tue Jun 19 9:31pm
      • Re: Will & EmmyLorri, Wed Jul 4 6:28am
        Andie, thanks so much it was very satisfying to read your details. Sounds like a very lovely celebration.
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