In Memory of Marta
Fri Jul 6, 2018 10:27am

Photo of Marta and Matthew

    • re: in memory of MartaDiane L Creel, Sat Jul 7 7:34am
      Thank you for posting these, Don. I think we are all stunned.
    • Re: In Memory of MartaLorri, Fri Jul 6 3:25pm
      Thank you Don for the photos of our beautiful cousin and her beautiful family before it was shattered.
      • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie & Mom, Sat Jul 7 3:00am
        This past week has been one of the saddest, sobering, tearful, tragic, shocking weeks & trying to face the "Reality" of it all that took place earlier this week. It has been equally difficult for all ... more
        • Re: In Memory of our Marta JoLorri, Mon Jul 9 8:31am
          Andie, Amen to all you said. -L
          • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie, Mon Jul 9 8:17pm
            Cousin Lorri, Thank you & God Bless You & Your Own Family Always..I admire you with your honesty & strength as well. I think it is very important for the family to hold hands to hang on tight to not... more
            • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie, Mon Jul 9 8:32pm
              All of the Support, Concern, Love & Prayers of all that has been said is of course meant for Jeff, Gerry & their own children as well...xoxoxo
        • Re: In Memory of our Marta JoJoe M., Sun Jul 8 5:34pm
          Andie and Aunt Gerry: Iím with you with most of these sentiments. ..thank you. She is a beautiful soul and the material world is much lesser without her. So grateful for the ways she touched my life.
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