Andie & Mom
In Memory of our Marta Jo
Sat Jul 7, 2018 3:00am

This past week has been one of the saddest, sobering, tearful, tragic, shocking weeks & trying to face the "Reality" of it all that took place earlier this week. It has been equally difficult for all of us & we think if it is that way for us we cannot even fathom the feelings of the "Redmond Family" & what they are going through right now. I believe many of us out there are still trying to understand & grasp what happened here.

"Mom" can barley speak of the incident without breaking down in tears as "Marta Jo" was the "Rock" of that entire "Family" so of course there is the worry of what may & is still before all of us to come.

We need to realize that we are not only "Grieving" for Marta Jo & the rest of the "Family" at home but also for Matt as well. We are not sure what took place yet to cause her death or what possibly was said but weather it was "Chemicals" ingested by Matt that took control of his "Actions & Emotions" or whatever the reality of the situation is we now have this "Beautiful Cousin" "Marta Jo" in "Heaven" safe with her "Parents" our "Aunt Judy & Uncle Ray" along with all the rest of the family that has passed before us.

May our "Souls Rest With God" to watch over "Marta Jo" & the rest of "The Redmond Family" who are experiencing such a "Loss" who are here with us and to those in need make the "Best Decision" for the needed outcome for her son "Matt" Many of us are trying to make sense of all of this in grasping this entire situation for all of us to "Cope" as unfortunately this is a serious case here for all of us needing to face the reality of it all.

May "Marta Jo" now "Rest in Peace" & may "God" watch over the son & brother Matt in keeping him safe for what is to come of him in the sense of the legal manner. "God Bless" Tracy, Lucas & Dani along with all of us who are "Marta Jo's" "Aunts & Cousins" as we all continue to have "Tears in Heaven" along with all else...xoxoxox

  • Re: In Memory of MartaLorri, Fri Jul 6 3:25pm
    Thank you Don for the photos of our beautiful cousin and her beautiful family before it was shattered.
    • In Memory of our Marta Jo — Andie & Mom, Sat Jul 7 3:00am
      • Re: In Memory of our Marta JoLorri, Mon Jul 9 8:31am
        Andie, Amen to all you said. -L
        • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie, Mon Jul 9 8:17pm
          Cousin Lorri, Thank you & God Bless You & Your Own Family Always..I admire you with your honesty & strength as well. I think it is very important for the family to hold hands to hang on tight to not... more
          • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie, Mon Jul 9 8:32pm
            All of the Support, Concern, Love & Prayers of all that has been said is of course meant for Jeff, Gerry & their own children as well...xoxoxo
      • Re: In Memory of our Marta JoJoe M., Sun Jul 8 5:34pm
        Andie and Aunt Gerry: Iím with you with most of these sentiments. ..thank you. She is a beautiful soul and the material world is much lesser without her. So grateful for the ways she touched my life.
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